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Hours: Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm


Colesome is wholesome

With over 30 years experience in farming the natural way, Delrie Cole, his wife and son have dedicated their lives to providing the freshest produce on island; catering to the most discriminating palate!

With some of the most stringent traceability controls on the island, Colesome Farmers Market adopts Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) to ensure that quality is never compromised.


At Colesome, expect to find every kind of fruit, vegetable and seasoning grown on the island. Many of the visitors to the farm are amazed at the quality and variety of produce that we have available. Don’t be surprised to find the exotic or extraordinary such as soya beans, mesclun and white carrots.

What isn’t available on our 3-acre farm can often be sourced from within our extensive network of quality farming partners nationwide - once it is in season of course. If it’s not in season, Colesome will contact you when it becomes available.


What sets Colesome Farmers Market apart is our concierge-level customer service.  We place a huge emphasis on Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  As our relationship with you grows, we keep a record of your purchasing preferences, such as preferred size, colour and texture of produce.  This enables us to be proactive in meeting your special needs.


We promise to always let you know what you are buying: organic vs inorganic, source, age, level of freshness, etc.

You are more than welcome to stop in for a free farm tour. You will be pleasantly surprised how much there is to learn about where your food comes from.


The Colesome brand of quality is driven by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who apply modern management and customer service expertise to traditional farming techniques to ensure product quality and a service level that is simply reFRESHing!



Colesome Farmers Market is vertically integrated...NATURALLY. Lion Pavilion will tantalise your taste buds with some of the most mouthwatering food on the island. In fact, many of our clients aren’t even vegetarians.  However, it’s hard to ignore healthy food that tastes this good. Just be sure to place your order  ahead of time because as Delrie will tell you ‘Ar we food nuh hang around!’